Project Description

In this area there are two main centers: Ile Rousse, further north, is a typical seaside race, sunny, with a long sandy beach and a lively nightlife, especially during the summer months. Calvi remember very few countries in the French Riviera with its cafés and a strip of sandy beach, newly single, to be a very crowded area in the summer months. The Balange also offers a lush hinterland that allows you to get in touch with the lives of more traditional villages.
A visit to the town of Calvi, where, after a walk in the historic center, you can taste the best dishes of traditional cuisine from the race Minellu, while for evening Chez Tao, opulent nightclub has become a real institution. Halfway between Ile Rousse and Clavi meets Algajola, one of the few places a little tour of northern Corsica. Has a long and beautiful sandy beach, with all services, but retains a charming atmosphere quiet.