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Ponza that main Pontine Islands, located 59 km south-west of Gaeta and 33 south of Cape Circeo. Ancient home of the sorceress Circe, Ponza has experienced various dominations and was forced residence of all who were invisible to the regime in power, by the Emperor Augustus, which was home of his daughter Julia, to the Bourbons, fascism. Today is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean with 41 km of coastline unpredictable, with high and rugged cliffs, a sea of glass and famous beaches all over the world, as Chiaia di luna, protected from winds by a wall of white rock, or Cala Feola, with its natural swimming pools which can be also accessed by boat or the beach at Lucia Rosa, where you can admire unforgettable sunsets. And so on, in a succession of landscapes and situations of the most fascinating of our sea. The town of Ponza, the whole collection around its port, has about 2300 inhabitants. The other centers are Forna, Calacaparra, English Camp and La PianaThe Port of Ponza offers shelter to no more than twenty boats in the bay but there are some floating piers. The most secure and protected from the wind are those of the east towards the port.