A large sheltered bay, with a few cruise ships at anchor. The sea water is crystal clear, calm and of an intense turquoise. The sun sets gently towards the horizon as a sphere of a burning red, almost vermilion. A light evening breeze freshens up the yacht surfaces and the people sun-tanned skin meanwhile they are sitting on the stern sofa enjoying the spectacular sunset. In the air it diffuses a sweet sound of a suggestive music. A gracious hostess is bringing from the kitchen an aperitifs tray with so many appetizing snacks. The “pop” sound of the uncorked bottle produces an air trembling recalling the attention of the people gazing at the landscape. At the same time it hears a quiet rumbling announcing the return of two guests previously gone away with the tender in an exploratory round.

Is 7:30 p.m. on “Welcut”, one of the numerous bays over the western costs of Corsica: it’s time for aperitif. It represents a particular moment in a vacation day, a moment that concludes an intense afternoon of sea life: swimming, diving, sunbathing. It’s a moment that prepares you to a wonderful evening in the bay, with the silence of the uncontaminated nature.
Meanwhile the guests of the cruise make various toasts in a high harmony the sun sets and the first evening shadows cover the landscape with their mystery halo. The lines of the cliffs become blurred, almost invisible.

At the distance it perceives the pleasant lapping of the gentle waving of the water on the cliffs. From time to time it hears the deaden cry of a sea-gull in season and the water became of an intense blue, darker and darker.
Catching flavors let you know that it’s almost dinner time and indeed unexpectedly another boat comes alongside from the North-east: there are other guests arriving on their yacht.

These few lines represent the description of what Welcome Charter means by “the dream”. The dream of a vacation on-board with a full taste of the adventure lived in a total comfort on a wonderful yacht, pampered by a generous and professional crew.

Welcome Charter will certainly make your vacation absolutely unforgettable.

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