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In Sorrento, summer means waking up among the concert of birds and the fragrance of flowers, pick a beach and dive into the clear sea. In the villages of Marina Grande and Marina di Puolo, next to the beaches are free, are also modern ski resorts, restaurants and inns. To the beach of S. Francesco ancient fish and nymphaea perfect setting for comfortable bathing, where you can consume, between a dive and a shower, a snack. A strip of barren, sunny and wild lands, extending between the head and Puolo, with comfortable facilities and warm sitting on rocks uncontaminated ‘seawater. a place of strange beauty, made up of wonder and melancholy, when in summer at sunset, in the shimmering sea, the sky fills with light colors. It is an opportunity to experience the sea and the rare beauty of nature, heading slowly over small creeks, the docks, bays and towers, to the beach of Positano.

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