Is in the Channel of Sicily, 110 km from the coast of Sicily and 80 from Tunisia. Island of volcanic origin, has a warm climate, tempered by sea winds that strong expire and which have earned the nickname of Island Wind, while the lava of which is the originator of the name of “black pearl” of Coasts black lava are thrown at it peak in the sea, among the caves and promontories, and the fertile terraces allow the production of “Passito di Pantelleria” and a spumante from unusually delicate bouquet, the “Suleiman”. Par lead to its coast must travel 66 miles of open sea, in a windy area ideal for sailing, but that requires much skill and caution. The main port, Porto Vecchio, adjacent to New Port, is beaten by the winds of the north and north-west. Mooring for yachts are located on the north-east of the port, near the petrol. Other calls are located in the island Scauri on the west coast or the coves of Levante and Tramontana. The island offers many reasons to visit or stay: the beautiful landscape of the south coast, with the tall rock Cala Levante, who plays the head of an elephant trunk that immerses the nella’acqua, or what seems like a fair that is ghermire for the prey, or the sculptures that rise toward the sky Cimilla-Fram, an eagle with outstretched wings who searches the sea, or the natural lava sculptures of themuseum Khaggiar. And the rocks in geometric shapes that form the Lake of Ondine, and the play of light in the tunnel formed by the Horn of Alga, in Murcia. And then there are the Favare, which emit hot steam, the hot springs to cure various pathology, and the famous Grotto of the Cold. Those arriving by sea is immediately captured by the wealth of landscapes, from the splendor of the crystalline waters, the deep green of the caper plant, the scent of pine and lavender. But the kitchen has something to offer visitors: the land of Pantelleriais still producing today, as before, all you need for a kitchen traditional genuine and tasty.

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