The archipelago of La Maddalena is made up of several islands, the main island of Maddalena, tidy and sunny city attracts every year a large number of visitors. The beaches are beautiful in every point of the archipelago, and some are reachable only by sea, such as Cala Bonifazzinca, wattle Cala, Cala Caprarese, Cala Cala Conner Ciaccaro and for this reason there are real untouched paradise. Among the most beautiful beaches in the Beach Rose which takes its name from the color of sand, filled with fragments of coral, shells of mollusks and small pieces of granite. Palau is situated opposite the Maddalena, the country is characterized by coastal artistically shaped by nature and unique in the world. From Palau is worth visiting the most renowned and beautiful coastline, the promontory of Capo d’Orso, Punta Sardegnaand then go down to the beach of Cala Trana, onto the tip, the view from here is exceptional. Santa Teresa di Gallura is situated on the western border of Gallura. It rises in the narrow natural inlet of Port Longonsardo. The territory is characterized by granite outcrops and coastline. Aglientu with its coastline, 22 km long, is rather famous for its beautiful beaches and landscapes, but in spite of the high tourist attendance has remained untouched for long stretches.

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