This part of the coast is dominated largely by the Gulf of Asinara, some of the most evocative are definitely worth visiting: Porto Torres, lies on a plateau which slopes down towards the sea of the Gulf of Asinara is one of the most important Northern Sardinia. In the territory of Porto Torres, there is a large archaeological complex asthe Baths, the Palace of King Barbaro and museum Antiquarium Turritano, in the municipality are also numerous monuments nuragici. Asinara the island is one of the most unknown of the entire Mediterranean. But it is also an island famous. For years he hosted a penal colony and the buildings are the only prison on the island. This forced isolation has been essential for the conservation of the natural environment of the island, remained intact and beautiful. On the western side of the island is wild and rugged coastline with high while in the eastern side the coast is lower and many beaches. To the north, you can admire a splendid panorama from Point of Scorn. In the central area narrow and elongated, are the beautiful beaches of pink graniteScombro Cale di Fuori, Cala di Dentro Scombro and Cala S. Andrea. Cala dell’Argentiera faces in a scene evocative, formed by establishments in the mining dell’Argentiera. The mining village, the atmosphere amplifies unjustified and without time of the beautiful set, which draws an arch covered with sand mixed with gravel and mineral dust. Alghero is one of the most beautiful towns sarde, interesting for its monuments, the sea and history. Between Alghero and Cala dell’Argentiera along the coast, there are a number of wonderful places, including the bay of Porto Conte with caves of Head Hunting.

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