The west coast is mainly steep and high, except into the Gulf of Oristano, characterized by the presence of deep pine forests and sandy stretches. Certainly not lacking large and small beaches and vast sandy stretches, but the entire coast is much higher than Eastern Europe. They lie in the area also ponds and lagoons that form some of the most important wetlands in Europe. These are some of the most beautiful beaches in the area, all overlooking the peninsula of Sinis, just above the Gulf of Oristano. Mari Ermi, in the village, where the beach has a fund of quartz grains of brilliant white and ocher sand very fine. San Giovanni di Sinis once famous for the fishermen shacks built of wood and reed. Is Arutas whose main characteristic is to have one made up of small sand grains of quartz, with shades ranging from pink to green to white. Just below the Gulf of Oristano, however we find some beautiful beaches that are characterized by being almost untouched, they are: Scivu, Piscinas, both along the shoreline of the prestigious Costa Verde, and eventually the beach Pistis.

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