The region occupies the south-west coast of Sardinia is known as Sulcis, the coast is developed in splendid cliffs and fine beaches framed by a typically Mediterranean vegetation, the sea is characterized by the crystallinity of the water. We point out some of the most charming coastal areas, especially in Cala Domestica and the near Caletta, two […]


Mountains, rocks, blue sea: that the landscape pattern of the territories that make up this section of Sardinia: large expanses of golden sand alternate with high cliffs and spectacular cliffs overlooking the sea, often not accessible by land, by bucherellate beautiful and fantastic sea caves. The colors of the crystal around the pristine beaches are an […]


The west coast is mainly steep and high, except into the Gulf of Oristano, characterized by the presence of deep pine forests and sandy stretches. Certainly not lacking large and small beaches and vast sandy stretches, but the entire coast is much higher than Eastern Europe. They lie in the area also ponds and lagoons that […]


This part of the coast is dominated largely by the Gulf of Asinara, some of the most evocative are definitely worth visiting: Porto Torres, lies on a plateau which slopes down towards the sea of the Gulf of Asinara is one of the most important Northern Sardinia. In the territory of Porto Torres, there is a large archaeological complex asthe Baths, the […]

The Arcipelago of La Maddalena

The archipelago of La Maddalena is made up of several islands, the main island of Maddalena, tidy and sunny city attracts every year a large number of visitors. The beaches are beautiful in every point of the archipelago, and some are reachable only by sea, such as Cala Bonifazzinca, wattle Cala, Cala Caprarese, Cala Cala Conner Ciaccaro and […]


Olbia is a modern city full of life. Inserted into a large natural bay surrounded by the beautiful islands of Tavolara and Molara. Olbia is situated near the settlement ofPorto Rotondo on the northern side of the promontory of Punta Volpe. Rather than a real village is a well-designed site tour. The buildings, built around-important tourist port of circular shape […]